Have you noticed a warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard? Book in for a diagnostic check at our garage in Malton, North Yorkshire. We cover the majority of manufacturers, using the latest software available.

Warning Lights

Your car is a very complex machine which reads and contols data from houndreds of parts on your vehicle. If one of these parts is faulty or reading incorrectly, this is when a warning light may appear. If a warning light has illuminated on your dash then you should get it checked as soon as possible by a professional. Ignoring a warning light can cause damage to your engine and make your vehicle dangerous to drive.

Understanding fault codes

Once we connect our diagnostic machine to your vehicle, it should give us a fault code or multiple codes relating to the problem. These fault codes very rarely tell us the exact issue and are only to be used as an aid to finding the fault. 

As part of our assessment, we will read the live data collected from any related sensors to ensure that functionality is normal in the area the fault has been located. We then may need to road test the vehicle whilst evaluating the data, test components and check wiring.

The length of our tests may vary depending on the nature of the issue. In order to ensure that our findings are accurate, we take the time needed to be thorough and comprehensive.

Keeping You Informed

We charge £29 for a basic diagnostic check. If the fault has not been located within the included time or we feel that a proper investigation requires more time, we will contact you to ensure that you are happy for us to proceed. To make sure you understand our process and pricing, we will keep you constantly updated about the progress of the analysis.

Contact us today, in Malton, North Yorkshire, to take advantage of the vehicle diagnostic services we have to offer.