Rely on Practical Clutch and DMF Repairs in Malton, North Yorkshire

Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel repairs are one of the most common services carried out by H M Services, our approachable experts reliably assist a wide range of customers with professional, efficient repairs.

Capable Clutch and DMF Repairs

H M Services are clutch and dual mass flywheel specialists. We have the knowledge and specalist tools to repair most makes and models and are trusted by private as well as trade customers. 

We always try to ensure we give our very best quote and when repairs are needed, we can provide you with a courtesy car to ensure your routine is disrupted as little as possible. 

One of the most common problems we are encountering at the moment is with dual mass flywheels. These parts are now fitted to nearly all diesel and some petrol vehicles. The dual mass flywheel is designed to take vibration out of the engine to ease gear change and drivabilty. We are finding that many are failing at around 100,000 miles, sometimes even less depending on use.

Extensive Examinations

A full suite of diagnostics will be carried out on your vehicle to pin point the issue. This may include meticulous road tests, a visual inspection and a search for any unusual noises or vibrations. 

Worn dual mass flywheels can cause a vibration through the clutch pedal or vehicle, it also can cause a rattle that will stop if you depress the clutch. Worn or damaged clutches are generally associated with the clutch 'slipping' or a nasty smell but can also cause difficult gear change.

Repairs that last

Problems with clutches and dual mass flywheels are sometimes complex and can be expensive to resolve, at H M Services we only use the highest quality parts including LUK, SACHS and Valeo. All of which are fitted as standard to most new vehicles and ensure a long service life.

Roadside Recovery

Expert recovery services are available in the event that your vehicle breaks down. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any issues. Working swiftly, we will take you home and your vehicle to the garage to carry out any needed diagnostics or repairs.

Contact us today, in Malton, North Yorkshire, to take advantage of our practised clutch and DMF repairs.